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Baby Guard Pool Fence Fresno, California

Tim Chase locally sells and installs the Baby Guard Pool Safety Fence in Fresno, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Kings & Tulare in California.

After purchasing a safety fence, I realized that Baby Guard had the best products and decided to become a Baby Guard distributor. Baby Guard has been saving childrens' lives by installing child safety fencing around pools since 1989 with over 10 million feet of fence and 100,000 self-closing gates installed nationally.

Tim felt confident enough for his daughter and now can help protect your child from falling in the pool. Always remember to watch children around water because no barrier could ever replace parental supervision.

Removable Swimming Pool Fence

Although a pool safety fence is necessary, it can be inconvenient. All too often, not only will the fence form a protective barrier around your pool but also an annoying obstacle. Whether you are trying to perform simple lawn care or moving in materials for a remodeling project the fence is sometimes simply in the way. In many areas once you have a pool swimming, fence (removable or not) must be included. By opting for Baby Guard pool safety fences, you get the protection of pool barriers when you need it and the benefits of an open yard when you do not. Even though the system is easily taken down, when erected it is a firm perimeter of defence around the swimming pool area and can be used with inground or above ground pools.

Baby Guard's removable pool safety fence

A Baby Guard fence allows you to do what you are supposed to in you pool: swimming. Fence, removable mesh walls on reinforced poles, can be disassembled in an average of 15 minutes when it has been installed by Baby Guard professionals. Of course, your fence does not have to be removed to enjoy the pool. Two entries are standard with Baby Guard installations and you can even opt for self-closing gates that do not require special (or frustrating) adjustments when removed or remounted. With a wide range of atrractive colors, four or five foot wall heights available and a lifetime warranty on materials and installation, there is no better pool safety fence than the Baby Guard fencing system. The key to enjoying both your swimming pool and your entire backyard is one of these secure yet removable pool barriers.

"We Never Let Our Guard Down!"

It's not just a slogan at Baby Guard pool fence company, it's the theory that our entire operation is based on. Since 1989, the Baby Guard Pool Fence Company has been consistently keeping our guard up and saving the lives of over 500,000 children along the way. Every component of the Baby Guard safety pool fence is designed to meet the highest possible safety standards. We, at Baby Guard, believe our pool fences are safer than all the rest. There's nothing more important than your child's safety, only go with the best.